youlgrave is one of the prettiest villages in derbyshire.   its scenic location within the peak district makes it a very popular destination for strollers, hikers and cyclists.  there are so many walks from the door you could find yourself walking in a different direction every day for a week!  there is a youlgrave walking guide written by a village member which is amongst the many walking books in the conservatory.   the surrounding area is incredibly beautiful with so much to explore and discover.

the limestone way passes through bradford dale, immediately south of the village.

youlgrave has three pubs, two of them have reasonable food and all are within a 5 minute stroll.  the village has an excellent butchers/deli, and a post office/general store.  there are a couple of places offering tea and coffee including the yha which is in the centre of the village, a great building.

youlgrave has five wells which are dressed during the last week of june.  this old craft is only carried out in derbyshire and it’s a fabulous spectacle to see;  you can help create the pictures if you come the week before, it’s fascinating to see them being made. 

the youlgrave festival, first founded in 2001, is becoming an increasingly popular event, offering local artists and musicians a chance to showcase their talents, this happens around the 10th september each year.

youlgrave caival is early july and is a fun day, the youlgrave band get to march through the village followed by floats and adults and children dressed up in funny clothes :)

youlgrave is a very friendly village.  its unusual to walk down the road without someone speaking to you or giving you a smiley ‘hello’ as you pass them by.  we have an organisation called ‘sustainable youlgrave’ which means we are working hard on minimising our carbon footprint and being as kind to the environment as we can.  if you come and stay, you may notice that we have solar panels on the roof, so please use the machines etc on the days that the sun shines, if its possible, every little action helps.

youlgrave has its own bee hives and we are all encouraged to have plants that will support the bees.  we also have a village orchard and many allotments.  there is also a regular village market.  keep an eye on the notice board for details.

youlgrave also has a cinema which is held once a month and open to visitors, its in the village hall.  being able to walk down the village to the cinema is great.  there are also many touring plays that are performed in the village hall, again have a look on the notice board as you walk down the village.

youlgrave also has a pantomime which runs for 2 weeks at the end of january.  last year was its 50th anniversary and it’s now the longest-running, and probably the best-patronised, amateur pantomime in the county, began almost by accident in 1962.

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